Audio Installation for Roxy Ballroom Leeds

Last year, we installed audio for the new Roxy Ballroom on Merrion street in Leeds. Due to the popularity of the original Roxy Ballroom on Boar Lane, Jones Bar Group decided to transform the venue that once was  the infamous “Gallery” into another large Roxy venue.

We were really pleased to be working with them again. We used the classic OHM TRS 112 upstairs, all pointing towards the bar and time aligned to give seamless coverage in the main gallery area. In the side areas where the ping pong tables are, we used Audac’s Ateo 6 enclosures and EV ZX1 twelve inch subs. Downstairs was more challenging, due to the shape of the room and location of the bar. Again Ohm TRS112 were used and time alignment was employed to bring the audio into focus. All audio processing was carried out using a Symetrix Prism 12×12. With twelve ins and twelve outs and open architecture, we could design the system exactly as the client needs it to operate.

We have also installed Logic Systems bass bins on both floors, with single eighteen inch cabinets downstairs and single fifteen inch in the main area upstairs. We have been installing these in all the Roxy venues and since we first used them at Roxy Liverpool, the company really like them, they look good and deliver the low end accurately. Logic Systems are a British manufacturer and we feel it is good to support British manufacturing of pro audio equipment when we can.

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