Audio Installation for Roxy Ballroom’s Cornerhouse

We have recently been working on Roxy Ball Room’s newest project in Nottingham; their Cornerhouse venue. Our design for the audio system had to ensure the huge space has even coverage throughout, taking into account the bowling, table tennis, pool, bar and eating areas.

This epic space is seventy five meters long with a ten metre ceiling height. It really is cavernous, with multiple areas to cover and the potential for horrendous reverb.

To control this, we created multiple zones with all speakers pointing in the same direction. All zones are time aligned to a common source, so in any part of the venue, there’s no discernible issues with multiple sources. In total, we have used fifty five loudspeakers to achieve a seamless audio experience throughout the building.

Turbosound was chosen for all larger boxes, including twelve and fifteen inch TCS mid high loudspeakers, plus ten inch NuQ mid highs and fifteen and eighteen inch NuQ subwoofers. For the smaller infills, we installed Audac Ateo 6 D/B. They are small, lightweight and sound far better than many alternative ABS speakers costing considerably more. The whole system is controlled by a Symetrix Prism 12×12 system processor. All amplification is performed by Powersoft Quattrocanali amplifiers.

To be able to have so many zones with dedicated time alignment and necessary filters, required twenty separate audio processing channels. To achieve this, the twelve Symetrix processor outputs were supported by a further eight Dante outputs by using a mixture of standard Quattrocanali amplifiers and D+DSP versions, via the Dante network on the Symetrix Prism. Control for the client, is via Arc wall panels and the ArcWeb virtual control panels over WIFI network on venue PCs and tablets.

As a dealer for all of the brands we use on our installations, we can support all updates and servicing to our customers and assist other installers and hire companies in specifying the right products for their projects.

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