Audio installation for Viaduct Showbar in Leeds

In 2018 we completed an audio re-fit for the award winning drag Viaduct showbar in Leeds. After eight years of success, the bar undertook a complete refurbishment, with Audioserv installing a bespoke system using the HK’s Linea 5 system, all time aligned to give seamless sound across the entire venue.

Viaduct in Leeds is the premiere showbar venue for all things drag. They completed a major renovation in 2018, completely re-fitting the entire venue, including making the stage area bigger and changing the height of the ceiling to be able to carry this out. For the new audio system, the client expressed an interest in HK Audio from the start and after quoting for various systems, they decided to opt for HK’s Linear 5 system.

The venue is split up into three areas which are effectively one long room. The stage area is at the front, where we installed two Linear L5112F mid highs. We specified the 15” version but at second fix stage, the stage performers decided the extra head high offered by using the 12” units was needed. The L5 112F have more than enough power for the main mid highs at the front, so the L5115F at the rear of the room give ample fill level to give a consistent volume for the whole stage show. One Lsub4000 was installed under the stage for the low end. In the bar area, two L5115F were flown as a main bar left and right which is where the DJ booth is. They have one Lsub4000 for the low end encased just below them. One Premium pro 12 was flown as a DJ monitor. Further back in the bar area are a further two L5112F mid highs, with one IL115 sub inside the front of the far end of the bar.

Almost all the mid highs are pointing in the same direction down the venue, all time aligned to give seamless coherent coverage from front to back and as they are all flown, we were able to place them exactly where we wanted them.

Part of the brief of the project was to minimise noise nuisance to the boutique hotel rooms on the upper floors of the building. To achieve this, a special suspended, noise isolating, MF ceiling was installed by the main contractors. We worked closely with them to make sure we could install the load bearing fixings for the speakers where they were needed, so the ceiling could be built around them. This required careful planning and measuring and some creative use of uni-strut and various types of fixings to get the final positions accurate. Because the speakers were not attached to the isolating ceiling, they had to be isolated from the building independently. There are various currently available anti vibration speaker mounts, but none that would suit our purpose, so we turned to our supplier of industrial noise isolation devices AV Industrial as they have extensive options for different frequency bands of isolation and very importantly, we could use the correct device for the speakers’ weight. These multi element units with lifting eyes were installed on the outside of the boxes and wire rope was used to hang them from their ceiling mounting points. The result, in combination with the ceiling is a massive reduction in noise transference while achieving much higher sound pressure levels than before.

Amplification was taken care of using a Powersoft Quattrocanali 2404 and a 4804. We have many Powersoft units in our hire inventory and installing them in Viaduct was an obvious choice, providing effortless power with plenty of headroom.

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