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Our bespoke design services give you the best audio possible for your venue. We provide support from the very first site visit, through planning, installation and commissioning and have packages for after care, including remote access (where applicable), to change configuration and diagnose faults without an engineer attending site. We work with all types of venues including bars, restaurants, clubs, live music venues, houses of worship, schools, leisure centres and commercial buildings.

Sound System Installation Services

  • Bespoke commercial audio design: Our experienced design team works closely with clients to provide a range of options for both indoor and outdoor spaces.  
  • Options: Our design team provides multiple system choices for you to choose from to suit your budget & needs.  
  • In house fabrication: we can manufacture bespoke fittings, reinforcements and flying gear.  
  • Trusted installation: Our installation team have been installing systems for over 16 years.  
  • After Care Packages: We can offer a service program, to ensure your system is working perfectly year after year.
  • Remote Monitoring: If you need your settings altering, we can do this without visiting your venue.  
  • System Upgrade: If at any point your system requirements change, we can provide upgrade options from various manufacturers.  
  • Long Term Rental: Our long term rental options have a monthly fee. You will benefit from ongoing support from our audio techs, see our long term rental page for more information.  
Audac installation in a pub
RCF speaker at Left Bank

Noise Management – Current Compliance

We offer consultation on noise management issues. If you need sound levels limiting to meet current regulations (85db for hospitality), we can reset existing equipment, supply new units, or we have noise limiting equipment available to rent. Please get in touch for more information or to arrange a site visit.

Room Treatment

We offer room treatment solutions and installation of Artnovion absorption panels for spaces that need acoustic adjustments for commercial projects such as offices, meetings places and hospitality venues. Artnovion offers a wide selection of products that combine high acoustic performance and unique visual effects. There are many panel designs available, panels are beautifully hand crafted and offer high quality visual aesthetics as well as effective treatment for difficult acoustic environments.

We are dealers for most high-end pro audio manufacturers, offering competitive rates. Our previous clients include Club Mission Leeds, Roxy Ballrooms nationwide, Queens Ice & Bowl London, as well as many independent venues across the UK.

Pubs, Bars & Restaurants

Music is vitally important in a busy bar to create an atmosphere, but high quality audio is essential in keeping those customers in your venue. Every bar is different and you need a system that works for your venue with easy use controls and remote access so we can change how the system works when you need, without having to visit the site.

Nightclubs & Music Venues

Sound system are at the heart of every night club and live music venue. We are passionate about audio and know how to make a good system sound great and offer the sort of backup service that only a dedicated company can. Our installations are fully protected with DJ proofing and will last for years with minimal maintenance. We can also support you with remote access for configuration changes and fault finding without having to attend site.

Leisure & Sports Centres

Our design team are used to designing systems to minimise reverberation in large buildings, while making the systems functional and capable of playing both background music and voice alerts. There may be other more specific requirements where we can provide our expertise and offer a range of solutions to fit the job. These can include emergency voice systems and even integration into door activation.

Houses of Worship

While some houses of worship require complete show systems to run bands through, for most, the spoken word is critical. Many churches, mosques, synagogues and temples are large buildings with difficult acoustics to amplify the human voice in, without reverb making it un-intelligible. We can make clever use of speaker placement, time alignment and the right choice of equipment and components to deliver an installation that does everything that is asked of it.

Schools & Colleges

If you are looking for an AV installation for your educational organisation, please get in touch to discuss your project. We will arrange a site visit and advise you on the best system for your requirements. We work with main distributors and manufactures and can offer competitive prices on audio visual equipment, whether a small portable package or fully installed lighting and audio for your productions, lectures etc.

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