Whether you have a faulty piece of kit, or a venue that needs a full service, we can offer help and advice.

If your equipment is needed while it is being serviced, we can offer temporary replacements, from a single amplifier up to an entire system in a venue.

We undertake repairs on most pro audio equipment including DJ equipment, amplifiers and loudspeakers.We regularly service venues/ our customers systems to make sure they get the best from their equipment, but to also ensure longevity. All systems need a regular service to make sure they are clean and functioning well. Amps might need a clear out and settings may need to be reset.

If you have a faulty system or piece of equipment, please get in touch and we will evaluate the issue and quote you for either repair, service or replacement/ upgrade.

We can work remotely if you have this option, or install a remote system so we can diagnose faults without being on site, allowing us to bring parts, tools and equipment needed to correct problems when we do make a repair visit. We also repair and service Pioneer DJ equipment and turntables.

We Provide:

Free on site assessment (venue systems only)

Loudspeaker repair service

Venue service contracts

Repair pro audio equipment

Amplifier & equipment clean

DJ equipment service & Repair

Audio maintenance packages for venues.

We will ensure your system and equipment is looked after, with regular visits from one of our techs to:

  • Check all equipment for faults. 
  • Correct EQ and balance. 
  • Clean and service amps and processors. 
  • Where applicable, check user interfaces and devices for proper operation. 
  • Test all connectors: repair damaged cables and replace connectors where needed. 
  • Upgrade software where necessary and available. 
  • Advise on potential equipment re-positioning or replacement if necessary.