Sound absorption panels for spaces in need of acoustic adjustment, combining high acoustic performance and unique visual effects. 
We install Artnovion panels. They make beautifully crafted sound absorption panels, giving spaces and projects high quality visual aesthetics as well as engineering high acoustic performance. Panels look great and reduce reverb to reduce sound and create a more relaxing space.  

Installation locations

  • Music & Recording studios: rooms sound better and give rooms an accurate acoustic environment to produce and record music.  
  • Large Public Spaces: reduce noise levels in hospitals, schools, church halls, commercial spaces.  
  • Offices/ workspaces: large offices, meeting rooms and shared working spaces need noise reduction to help people concentrate in their working environment.  
  • Restaurants & cafes: Reduce noise and reverb to create a chilled environment for people to enjoy.  
The Artnovion panelling range of acoustic treatment solutions is designed to cater to the acoustic requirements of public spaces. Every panel is equipped with a high-performance acoustic core made entirely from recycled PET plastic.
The panels come in various designs with contemporary patterns that look stunning when installed, there are also bespoke printed panels available. Each individual project is visualised within the design process using 3D software, so you can see the effect of the panels within your space before installation takes places.  
For more information about Artnovion’s prducts, please visit Artnovion’s website.