After more than 90 years in the business, the name beyerdynamic is still synonymous with sophisticated audio products designed for the most discerning of customers located all over the world – symbolised by its long history which has seen the company grace stages all around the world, recording studios in all major cities and the minds and souls of discerning music fans.

Founded by Eugen Beyer’s nearly 100 years ago, now one of the leading manufacturers in developing high quality microphones and headphones.

Most of Beyerdynamic’s products are handcrafted which means that they are of outstanding quality and as such are held in extremely high regard. With plenty of experience under its belt and given its status as a benchmark-setting point of reference in the professional domain. Products that set the benchmark in another way. Anyone who owns a set of beyerdynamic headphones is expressing who they are, differentiating themself and demonstrating that they have a closer affinity and connection with music than everyone else.

Studio Headphones

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