Upon moving home after University, the genesis of Decksaver arrived one day when his younger brother inadvertently damaged one of his prized Pioneer DJ decks. Realising there wasn’t an available product to protect against such hazards, Mustafa saw a gap in the market for bespoke protective covers for the latest audio technology.

In January 2008 the first Decksaver for the Pioneer CDJ-1000 reached consumers. Following immense buzz among the DJ community, Decksaver quickly became the industry standard for protecting DJ wares in European super clubs such as Ministry Of Sound, Fabric, Space, Pacha and Café Mambo. Trusted by professionals worldwide, the brand made a name for itself with its unique clear push-fit covers. In the following years the product spread across the globe, picking up distributors all over Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

Drawing on 50 years’ experience in plastics manufacturing, design engineering and innovation, Deck Savers use the latest polycarbonate technology, utilised in bullet-proof glass manufacture, to create the Decksaver range. Products are indispensable and tailor-made for your setup – providing the perfect fit and protecting like armour, preserving the life-span of your equipment.

Decksaver now has a catalogue brimming with over 200 bespoke products for DJ, studio and pro audio equipment, all of which are still made under one roof in Leeds from design to finished product. Utilising over 50 years’ experience in plastic manufacturing, our products go through comprehensive testing and are flawlessly finished to the very highest of standards.

Protecting equipment from dust, fluids, smoke and impact, their push-fit covers also help shield units during transportation – keeping those vulnerable knobs and slider switches safe. Decksaver covers are designed with a low profile ensuring they will fit most protective cases and bags.

DJ Equipment Covers