Funktion-One the innovative manufacturer of professional loudspeaker systems.

The British manufacturer Funktion-One is a leader in the world of loudspeaker design. Their products have a unique aesthetic and delivery incredible sound with terrific clarity every time.

Historically, the brand is well known within the dance music arena, but they are shedding the label they inherited with a varied product range that really shows their unparalleled approach in developing ground breaking systems for any application. From full stadium installs and live music stages to restaurants, commercial projects and home systems.

We are pleased to feature both their compact and large format products in our shop and in our extensive rental stock. We have years of experience using Funktion-One loudspeakers on a variety of events, from smaller club venues, to multiple stage festival of live and electronic music and we work with our installation customers on all types of systems from home and studio use to large flown venue systems.

As a registered dealer for this unique British manufacturer, we will walk you through the whole process of designing a system to meet your individual needs for outstanding audio quality with simple, easy to operate functionality. We take the same approach to a small domestic system that we do to the largest commercial project with attention to detail at every step of the way.

All products are made to order, so you need to get in touch with us for advice on options and pricing. Call and speak to our Funktion-One expert Pete on 01132407986

If you would like to know more about our hire and production services, please visit our Funktion-One hire page for more information.
Funktion-One installation for club mission in leeds

Funktion-One have always designed their own transducers, down to the finest details, and combined with their unique waveguide and loading technology, they achieve minimum distortion, maximum efficiency and controlled, consistent directivity.

Their Reaserch & development team has a long history of innovation. It is responsible for a number of industry firsts, including the 21” loudspeaker frame size, the turnkey package touring system, and the integrated loudspeaker management system. Furthermore, they were early adopters of live spatial audio technology, computer-based electroacoustic measurement systems, composite cabinet and diaphragm materials, Neodymium magnets and PWM (Class D) amplification.

All critical design decisions at Funktion-One are informed by comprehensive listening tests. The results of these tests are validated by in-depth electroacoustic measurements with both industry-standard and bespoke instrumentation and software. They have also designed and constructed a robot for automated 3D directivity measurement of loudspeakers and arrays weighing over 300kg and have developed a range of new measurement types and methods in their pursuit of audio excellence.

The Funktion-One Philosophy: 

“We understand sound to be the most important of our senses and, in fact, the root of the structure of the Universe. As such, we try to pay the amazing acuity of human hearing the respect it deserves by providing products that deliver as much resolution and realism as possible.

Almost all modern loudspeakers require significant preset or controller EQ. In contrast, it has always been the Funktion-One approach to design acoustically flat loudspeaker systems, requiring only crossover filters, relative delays and gains. The advantages of this approach are headroom preservation and system linearity, as well as subjectively clearer, more natural audio presentation.

We have always designed our own transducers, down to the finest details, and combined with our unique waveguide and loading technology, we achieve minimum distortion, maximum efficiency and controlled, consistent directivity.”

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