Physicist Klaus Heinz and his son, Mastering Engineer / Musicologist Dr. Frederik Knop founded HEDD Audio in October 2015. As acoustic professional and music enthusiast, Heinz’ life oscillates between the worlds of physics and sound. For the past forty years, Klaus Heinz (founder of HEDD and ADAM Audio) has dedicated himself to developing loudspeakers that have become established constants in diverse fields: from music production to professional mastering and finally home HiFi, his loudspeakers can be found in a great variety of contexts.

Heinz’ loudspeaker designs have always stayed true to the same ideal of sonic excellence: they have, above all, aimed to produce complete accuracy and outstanding signal fidelity while being less concerned with tinging recording audio material with pleasing tonal colors. It comes, therefore, as no surprise that that HEDD R&D is fully committed to the idea of creating versatile and surgically precise studio monitors and HEDDphones® that producers, sound engineers, and high-end enthusiasts can enjoy.

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Heinz Electrodynamic Designs is a high-end monitoring manufacturer founded by Klaus Heinz and Dr. Frederik Knop. Drawing on a rich history in audio creation and reproduction, the German company builds handcrafted professional studio monitors and headphones in Berlin since 2016. HEDD’s advantage is the in-house developed signature Air Motion Transformer driver.

HEDD Tower Mains

The Tower Mains is a serious system for high end studios and home listeners wanting the most accurate rendition of audio possible.  Tower Mains let you rediscover what decisive role dynamics play in audio reproduction and how pivotal they are to achieve the highest degree in realism and authenticity.

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Tower Mains