For 70 years JBL have employed the best methodology and tools. As established at the very beginning by their founder, James B. Lansing, they develop everything from the ground up. This not only ensures success in the marketplace, but it also guarantees their efforts exceed the needs and expectations of audio professionals throughout the world.

Never straying from this exacting formula, their journey has produced a prolific list of audio achievements, groundbreaking technologies, revolutionary advances in the art and science of professional audio, many patents, and many awards. It’s a journey that is legendary worldwide and has positioned JBL as a world leader in professional audio.

Along the years, JBL have innovated many technologies that have become a staple part of the world of pro audio. These include lightweight, high flux neodimuim magnet structures, titanium HF compression driver diaphragms and the TCR coil technology.

JBL engineers relentlessly test new waveguide shapes and develop new materials to achieve the desired performance, often inventing new testing methodologies to ensure that nothing is left out of a thorough and rigorous examination of the design. The resulting technology has produced such groundbreaking designs as the Progressive Transition Waveguide, Image Control Waveguide, Slip Stream Port, Radiation Boundary Integrator, and Constant Curvature Waveguide. With multiple patents, and many successful installations in use worldwide, this critical component of JBL technology continues to evolve through our continuous pursuit of better, more accurate sound.

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