KV2 is a small hands-on manufacturer, focused on quality and most importantly the sound of its products. In 2020 KV2 celebrates its eighteenth birthday. It is still the same small, vibrant company it was when it started, a company with a passion for building high quality pro audio products, products that continue to deliver performance beyond expectation.

Founded by George Krampera, one of the audio pioneers of modern times, he has been building audio equipment for nearly fifty years and millions of people have experienced sound produced from equipment he has designed. Through his long and successful career, George’s vision has remained unchanged; to eliminate distortion and loss of information in the signal path, thus providing sound reproduction that has true dynamic range and representation of the source.

Made in Czech with Passion and Pride

With incredibly low distortion and extremely high definition, KV2’s point source systems give you the capability to cover more people with less equipment delivering real value in quality sound reinforcement.

“We have bucked industry trends and broken industry standards to find the best possible audio solutions both analog and digital. We don’t simply gauge our system’s performances on published specifications; we gauge it by the smiles on people’s faces.”

Large Format Systems

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System Electronics

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Small and Medium Format Systems

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