Formed over 40 years ago, Lab Gruppen has developed many technological breakthroughs in the development of amplifiers and is now one of the leading manufacturers.

Kenneth Anderson and Dan Bavholm first met as schoolboys in Kungsbacka, Sweden. They both had a passion for electronics and would spend time honing their skills by scavenging old radio and TV sets and learning from library books. Despite not having had any experience with audio or music, their friends introduced them to local musicians eagerly looking for quality equipment at a low cost. The result was a hand made mixing console: musical, durable, and costing less than any mass-produced models of the day. It even served as a FOH mixer for famous jazz performer Eartha Kitt.


The development of the SS 1300 lead to the development of the Intercooler. While the SS 1400 was the first to use a fan and cooling tunnel, this cooled the device unevenly. The new Intercooler, instead, used a heatsink made of thousands of tiny copper fins that dissipated heat much more efficiently than aluminum fins which resulted in more uniform cooling.

In 1986, they achieved an industry breakthrough with development of the Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply, or R.SMPS. The concept of a switch mode power supply was well known, but difficult engineering challenges had prevented implementation in high-power audio amplifiers. Kenneth Andersson had devised an innovative solution though the components were not yet available. As soon as Siemens introduced its first high voltage MOSFET devices, Andersson’s design was quickly implemented in the revolutionary SS 1300.

Lab Gruppen effectively rewrote the rulebook with the IPD Series, changing everything you’d expect from a compact and moderately priced 1U amplifier. The high sustained power output, exemplary performance, and robust build quality are everything you would expect from a Lab Gruppen product. What you would not expect are all the extras at no additional cost: analog and AES3 digital inputs, supercharged on-board DSP with a feature set and processing power rivaling high-priced standalone digital audio processors, and Ethernet-based networking for monitoring and control by a computer running the intuitive IntelliDrive Controller software.

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