Linea Research was formed in 2003 by Davey Smalley, Ben Ver, Pip Wilson and Paul Williams, all of whom had worked together previously in the professional audio industry. Their aim was to design, develop and market innovative professional audio equipment.

Expertise and Philosophy

Their extensive experience in audio engineering and the associated key technologies places Linea in a unique position. The integration of Switched-Mode Power Supplies, very high power sonically transparent Class D amplifiers, networked Digital Signal Processing and the associated control software are all areas in which they excel. These are the demanding technologies increasingly needed in modern audio systems, and Linea are able to offer them all.

World Class Manufacturing

Having world leading technology is not enough. The staff at Linea Research also have decades of combined experience in design and manufacturing. This has resulted in the adoption of an approach that leads to very high factory gate quality. Critical to this is ‘design for manufacture’, which yields increased assembly accuracy, robust test regimes, reduced assembly time and high quality in general.

Every sub-assembly is serialised, and logged against the final product it is used in. As any changes to a sub-assembly automatically cause a change in its serial number, Linea are easily able to determine the exact build standard of any product.

Their products have been designed to be largely modular, which means they are able to test every sub-assembly individually prior to testing the finished unit. Each product is therefore effectively tested twice. Linea feel that this philosophy pays dividends in terms of our proven field quality. Naturally, before shipping every single unit is soak tested and safety tested prior to leaving their factory.