Born out of a recording studio in 1976, Symetrix was created to make tools that deliver brilliant audio quality. Symetrix was founded on the principles of sound quality and product dependability. Since 1976, Symetrix has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for reliable products that deliver amazing sound. Now in a new generation of ownership, Symetrix 2.0 embodies a fresh spirit of innovation, focus and energy. They continue to build on everything that has made Symetrix great and taking it in a bold new direction.

Their Ethos:

Symetrix is family first. From the beginning, they have combined a passion for audio excellence with a heart for people. Inside their offices this culture is lived out every day as we strive to deliver the highest possible quality and craftsmanship in an atmosphere of team-like family.

They call this #SymFamily. These family boundaries don’t end at the walls of HQ. They see everyone they work with as partners deeply committed to each other’s success. Whether an end user, distributor, integrator, rep, consultant or supplier: “we are all #SymFamily”.

Fixed Architechture DSP

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Open Architecture DSP

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System Control Accessories

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