Club Mission Leeds Audio Install

Audioserv have just finished installing the new Funktion-One system in the main areana for Club Mission in Leeds.

After many years of great service, the main room system was nowhere near loud enough and was in need of replacing. The building could just about keep the noise levels in that the old system could generate. When we provided a Funktion One Res 4 system as a demo, there was no way that the local hotels near the venue would be able to live with the noise, so the plan was put on hold.

A couple of years later and more work on the internal sound proofing having been carried out, so we were asked to demo a new Funktion One system. F124 and Evo 7T were what we felt was closest to being the right system from within our hire stock.

The rear of the venue held in the sound from the F124 remarkably well and the client was suitably impressed with the quality of the audio, but the front of the building leaked a large amount of noise. A plan was drawn up to close the venue from the end of the August bank holiday weekend and begin re-building the front of the building to improve the sound proofing and create a brand new look for the venue’s façade.

The previous system had delays to cope with the length of the room and we felt that there was no need if the main system was chosen carefully. The client wanted a modern version of the iconic Funktion One Dance Stack, as found in so many venues all over the world, but an updated version with the new stunning F124 subs at its core. Given that the Evo 7t worked so well as a ground stack in the demo, that would be the route to go down.

In each stack, two Evo 7EH mid high elements are given effortless low mids by two F215MK2 on top of two F124 subs. A pair of F1201 are being used for DJ monitors. All this run from Linea Research 44C series amplifiers. DJ mixers in the venue depend on the artists’ requests, but the venue have a standard stock of Allen & Heath Xone 96 and Xone 92, plus Pioneer DJM900NX2 plus CDJ2000NX2 and CDJ2000NXS.

This system install featured in the industry magazine mondo dr, see the full article here: mondo dr Mission install article.

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