Void speaker install at Bar Fibre
Void Acoustics are renowned for their innovative sonic and aesthetic design, which is why they were chosen for the opulent penthouse in the well known Leeds Bar Fibre. Audioserv installed Void's red Airten V2 10" speakers and the Reflex-loaded dual 12" low frequency loudspeakers in the main bar area and the indigo 6 pro speakers for the quieter areas, all in Void's signature red. We designed and fabricated bespoke custom built brackets to suit the architecture of the building. Fibre's penthouse VIP lounge, really has everything: the luxurious fixtures and fittings and an audio system that looks and sounds amazing. 
Void speaker installation
Void speaker install
Bar Fibre Top Floor Void Installation
Void speakers
Void speakers
Fibre like to keep things new and fresh and while having a brand new floor laid in the main part of the bar, they decided to change the Funktion-One F1201 mid highs which were covering the area in front of the DJ. The replacements came in the form of a pair of bi-amped Funktion -One Res 2. As usual, with the iconic design of the Funktion-One ‘Axe-Head’ mid unit, they look fantastic and have taken Fibre’s sound for their DJs to another level. Two extra channels of MC2 E25 amplification were added to the Linea Research 44m series amplifiers currently powering the system. The rest of the venue is powered by F101s and the low end. 
Funktion One wall mounted speaker
Funktion One speaker installation ground floor Bar Fibre
Funktion One speaker ground floor install Bar Fibre
Void speaker
HK Audio install for Viaduct
In 2018 we completed an audio re-fit for the award winning Viaduct drag show bar in Leeds. After eight years of success, the bar undertook a complete refurbishment, with Audioserv installing a bespoke system using the HK’s Linea 5 system, all time aligned to give seamless sound across the entire venue. Part of the brief of the project was to minimise noise nuisance to hotel rooms on the upper floors of the building. To achieve this, a special suspended, noise isolating, MF ceiling was installed by the main contractors. After a consultation from AV industrial products, we flew the speakers using special industrial vibration isolation mounts on the speakers and lifting eyes to hang them from their mounting points, which were isolated from the MF ceiling. The result, in combination with the ceiling is a massive reduction in noise transference while achieving much higher sound pressure levels than before. Amplification was taken care of using a Power soft Quattrocanali 2404 and a 4804. We have many Powersoft units in our hire inventory and installing them in Viaduct was an obvious choice, providing effortless power with plenty of headroom. 
HK Audio at Viaduct
HK Audio speaker at Viaduct
HK Audio speakers at Viaduct
HK Audio at Viaduct show bar
Audio install for Roxy Merrion in Leeds
In 2018, we installed audio for the new Roxy Ballroom on Merrion street in Leeds. We used the classic OHM TRS 112 upstairs, all pointing towards the bar and time aligned to give seamless coverage in the main gallery area. In the side areas where the ping pong tables are, we used Audac's Ateo 6 enclosures and EV ZX1 twelve inch subs. Downstairs was more challenging, due to the shape of the room and location of the bar. Again, Ohm TRS112 were used and time alignment was employed to bring the audio into focus. All audio processing was carried out using a Symetrix Prism 12x12. With twelve ins and twelve outs and open architecture, we could design the system exactly as the client needs it to operate. We have also installed Logic Systems bass bins on both floors, with single eighteen inch cabinets downstairs and single fifteen inch in the main area upstairs. We have been installing these in all the Roxy venues and since we first used them at Roxy Liverpool, the company really like them, they look good and deliver the low end accurately. 
Audac Install in Leeds
Audac installation in Roxy games room
Audio install for games room
OHM speaker installation
Games room audio
We worked over two years (2017/ 2018) installing audio in the Manchester Roxy Ballroom. The second install was for the mini golf course. With audio throughout, we ensured there are no areas too loud or too quiet. Low frequencies weren't forgotten about either with subs hidden in various parts of the golf course.  We have installed sound for all the Roxy venues nationwide and are used to designing bespoke systems that work well in multipurpose spaces such as Roxy. For the original part of this particular fit out, we used a combination of Apart's Mask series and MT Audio TP8 for background fills around the game’s areas along with MT Audio's DMG12 loudspeakers as the main mid highs in the bar area. For the low end, Logic Systems B150i (15") and B300i (2x15") were deployed around the venue to provide sub coverage of the whole venue. 
Audio installation multipurpose spaces
Bar audio installation
Bar audio system
Games room audio install
Bar Sound system
In 2018, we installed audio at the new Roxy Ballroom in Nottingham. Flying 16 Ohm TRS112's throughout, with Logic Systems B1 and B150i subs and Apart Mask 6t for peripheral fills. All run off Crown Xti amplifiers and controlled by a Symetrix Jupiter 8. We have fitted out lots of bars and clubs and look after our customers by regular services of their systems to make sure they sound great long term. 
Speaker mounts
OHM wall mounted speaker
Speaker install on truss
Roxy speaker install
Bowling alley sound system
We were commissioned to provide a system for the venue during it’s complete re-fit after decades of trading. This needed to be capable of playing high quality music throughout a large bar, extensive restaurant seating area with timber framed pergolas, a twelve lane bowling alley and a full size ice rink. Noise leakage all under ground in the basement of a residential building. Working along side Eat IT Drink IT who dealt with the venue’s networking and IT infrastructure, the system was given remote access. 
Bar audio install
Ice rink sound install
The second bar in Liverpool by the Jones Bar group is the Roxy Ball Room. Set in the old BHS cafe in the Cavern Quarter, the bar is 16,000sq ft and over two floors with pool tables, ping pong, golf course, bowling alley and retro games arcade. We installed a Turbosound system throughout allowing for even coverage over the complex multi purpose space, using 20 TPA152s and 9 NUQ118 subs. It is an amazing space and one of our favorite projects so far.  
Audio installation for Roxy Ball Room in Liverpool
Audio install for the main bar in Roxy Ball Room Liverpool
Live audio PA system
2016, 2017 & 2018: Proms at the Pavilion is a wonderful fundraising musical extravaganza set in the very pretty Hillam village in North Yorkshire. The event raises money for victims of the Chernobyl disaster. We have provided sound for the past three years and it is one of our favourite events of the year. Last year (2018) we set up sound for two stages and managed the audio all day, working with choirs, singers, the brilliant Bare Brass band and the York Railway institute band. We also provided lasers and there was a fantastic firework display accompanying the crescendo of the brass band that was absolutely brilliant. 
Sound engineers at live event
Our team of expert engineers
Mixing desk
Audioserv team of pro audio engineers
party sound systems
We provided sound for the Fibre and Queens court courtyard parties last year, providing Funktion-One audio for their events. We provided two stacks each consisting of two F221 subs and two Res 4 mid highs. The DJ position was on Fibre's balcony as usual and there was a stage in the middle of the courtyard with a live percussionist and Sax player with stage monitoring. 
Crowds at the Queens Courtyard party
laser hire
laser rental
festival sound system
Situated within the grounds of the beautiful 16th century Thwaites Mill watermill museum, nestled on an island in south Leeds, is the truly breath-taking backdrop for the much loved one day event, the ‘Made in Leeds Festival’. Each year the event is curated by a group of Leeds own clubbing brands that have shaped the city’s night life, both past and present, all bringing their own unique and individual style to this eclectic dance music festival. 
Last year (2018), the four arenas were managed by Audioserv Ltd, powered by Funktion-One. Both the main outdoor ‘Federation’ stage and the “Sleepin’ is Cheetin” arena were closely situated to each other and the controlled dispersion that Funktion-One’s Res 5ts provide, minimised spill between them. With a line array, it would have been unworkable. Five Res 5t and three F221 per side covered the main outdoor stage, filling the field effortlessly. For the “Sleepin' is Cheetin' Arena” four Res 5t and three F221A per side were used, again covering the audience of two thousand people with ease. 
Dance tent audio system
Dance tent sound system
festival sound systems
Pride in Leeds parade
We were really happy to provide sound on floats for both the 2017 & 2018 Leeds Pride events. In 2018 we used Funktion-One system on the Mission/ Viaduct/ Fibre float, part of a parade of about 60 floats for an audience of approximately 40,000 people. We used 4 Res 4's and 4 single F121's giving a wide coverage pattern for both sides of the street. 
Leeds Pride sound system
Carnival sound system
Carnival sound
DJ and MC at Insomnifest
We provided audio production for the Hide & Seek Festival in 2019, with Funktion-One on all four stages. The Macklesfield festival based at Capesthorne Hall, was a mix of arts and music from disco, house and techno artists from across the globe. Really well organised event, with a great crowd and amazing acts from across the world. Our systems were perfect for this festival and we had the opportunity to showcase the new Vero VX system from Funktion-One on the main stage which was stunning.  
Dance event sound system
Hire CDJ's
Hire of DJ equipment and sound system at HMV
Audioserv provided sound for an 'In store' at HMV in Leeds for KO Kane and Tom Zanetti. Standard Pioneer DJ kit and Tom's mic going into a Yamaha LS9 desk running into a pair of large format 18" reflex subs and high power bi-amped mid high boxes for the audience ensuring plenty of volume right to the back, along with bi-amped wedges for Tom and Kane.  As usual, the boys whipped up a storm for the punters. 
Private party sound system hire
We provided a Funktion-One system for an outdoor event for bonfire weekend. A private party with some very special acts and DJ's performing in a teepee in the middle of the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors. 
We were pleased to provide audio production for the Made in Leeds Festival again this year. We had Funktion-One powering the four main stages and EAW powering the VIP area. The new Evolution system was on the main Federation stage and sounded incredible. Resolution systems sounded amazing as always on the other stages. The festival is a real eclectic mix of well known club brands from Leeds, DJs and live acts. We have lots of positive comments about the sound, it was a really great event to work on.  
crowd in the SIC tent at MILF 2019
Made in Leeds Festival 2019 Casa Loco stage
Fibre stage at Made in Leeds 2019
Federation stage at Made in Leeds festival 2019
Cowd enjoying music at Made in Leeds 2019
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