Pro Audio Brands  

Funktion One speaker
Funktion One logo
Funktion-One have been researching and designing loudspeaker systems for many years. Their systems achieve the best possible audio quality, with sonic accuracy and a technological approach which allows their loudspeaker to have excellent directional control allowing focused sound. They pioneered the Ambisonic surround Sound System for large-scale events and this emerging technology has been used by the Chemical Brothers, Glastonbury Festival, London's Millennium Dome central show and more recently at The Glade Festival
Void speaker
Void Logo
Void Acoustics designs, manufactures and distributes advanced professional audio systems for the installed and live-sound sectors. The company offers an evolved series of audio solutions that encompass loudspeaker systems, power amplifiers, control electronics and accessories. Well known for their individual, innovative sonic and visual design aesthetic, established in 2002 by founder and principal design engineer Rog Mogale, Void have successfully united pioneering technologies with ground-breaking design aesthetics, earning Void a worldwide reputation for high impact products. 
Logic Systems speakers
Logic systems logo
Logic Systems produce the ultimate in great sound, designing and manufacturing products that are amongst the best in the world. Each range meets specific needs and conditions, each performs to the highest standards with good long-term reliability. They utilise the latest technology in designs that produce high levels of performance. Logic Systems highly developed products have gained a reputation for sonic quality, premium build quality and reliability, with an established position in the world Pro Audio marketplace. 
HK Audio speaker installation
HK Audio logo
Over the past twenty years, the name HK Audio has become synonymous in Europe with live sound reinforcement systems of the highest quality. Made in Germany, these systems range for every type of application from portable active systems for the solo entertainer, to touring systems for open air venues with audiences of 50,000 and more. 
Turbo Sound loud speaker
Turbosound logo
Ever since its formation in 1970, Tursbosound has had a long history of innovation and leadership. They have consistently developed very high quality products for the touring market and more recently, the growing portfolio of installation products has given them a very large range to fit every audio application. 
Midas mixing desk
Midas logo
For more than 40 years, MIDAS is the undisputed leader in live performance, with the best sounding audio consoles on the market. MIDAS have repeatedly shown award-winning innovation and leadership in the world of high-end professional audio, producing landmark products that have defined and shaped the live industry. 
Lake processor
Lake logo
Since its creation in 1970, Lake Processors have been established as the premier DSP platform across the full range of live sound applications. 
Tannoy loud speaker
Tannoy logo
Founded way back in 1926, TANNOY Monitors have developed throughout the years, finding their way into countless legendary recording studios such as Abbey Road, Air and Decca. TANNOY is the weapon of choice for musicians and industry pros alike and is a pioneer in premium ceiling loudspeaker products
Klark Teknik
Klark Teknik Logo
Klark Teknik develops high quality graphic equalisers, audio equipment and audio networking. Since its creation in 1970, the company has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of high-end professional audio. Today, Klark Teknik continue to innovate with their product keeping them at the top of the field. 
Lab Gruppen amp
Lab Gruppen Logo
Lab Grupen was founded in 1970 and they continue to develop innovative amplifiers with constant new approaches to fixed installation audio, concentrating on putting low-impedance power, DSP, control and I/O exactly where it’s needed – close to the end-user and loudspeakers. With that, comes superior quality audio, flexibility at point of use and cost-efficient, scalable systems. 
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