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Beyerdynamic TG D70 Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone


Dynamic Kickdrum Microphone (Hypercardioid)

The Beyerdynamic TG D70 dynamic microphone boasts beyerdynamic’s characteristic natural sound so you’ll hear your kick drum as a pure, natural reproduction. It has a quick response and outstanding impulse fidelity.

The hypercardioid characteristic ensures excellent isolation from ambient noises and strong feedback resistance. This makes the TG D70 ideally suited for such loud environments as on stage.

Phil Collins and other big names in drumming have been using the M88. The dynamic capsule in the TG D70 is a further refinement of our legendary M88 capsule.  

Expected delivery time is 2 - 4 working days
  • Naturally warm sound
  • Optimal isolation and feedback resistance
  • Optimised M88 capsule
  • Integrated elastic system suspension
  • High-quality materials and robust housing


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