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Beyerdynamic TG I51 Dynamic Microphone


Dynamic instrument microphone (Cardioid)

The TG I51 is a versatile instrument microphone for many uses. Whether on drum kits, snare drums or deeper tom-toms or on guitar amplifiers: It always produces the highest sound quality. The microphone also demonstrates its strengths on brass instruments, making it an all-rounder for the stage and studio.


Expected delivery time is 2 - 4 working days

The cardioid characteristic ensures excellent isolation from ambient noises and increases protection against feedback. It’s particularly suitable for uses involving direct sources in loud environments. Even on the very loudest rock-and-roll stages, the dynamic instrument microphone demonstrates a remarkable resistance to feedback – rear sound is suppressed and side sound is only recorded at very soft levels.

Made by hand at the company’s production site in Heilbronn, the TG I51 fascinates users with its exceptional workmanship. The combination of craftsmanship, select materials and years and years of production experience creates a truly reliable drum microphone.

  • Natural sound
  • Well-thought-out and high-quality construction
  • A versatile tool for many uses
  • Optimal isolation and feedback resistance
  • Get the most out of your instruments

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