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Custom 2 Core Speaker Cable


Custom Speaker Cable Creator

Finding the exact cable you are looking for can be quite a task, so we’ve made it easy. You can now design your own cable based on your requirements. We only use genuine Neutrik and Van Damme components to ensure a top quality product.

Choose your connectors, cable length and the colour from the options below.

NL2 (+£3.04)
NL4 (+£4.63)
NL4 Metal (+£9.67)
NL4 Metal Black (+£10.62)
Due to the selected length of the cable, a manufacturing charge is added. We do not charge for manufacturing on cables over 5m.
NL2 (+£3.04)
NL4 (+£4.63)
NL4 Metal (+£9.67)
NL4 Metal Black (+£10.62)
If there are no requirement please put "N/A"
Product total
Options total
Grand total

At Audioserv we only high quality components to provide a quality product and this is carried through to our custom 2 core speaker cable. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so if you do not use good quality cables, it could ruin your sound. The Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade speaker cables feature high quality twin core professional loudspeaker cable with added ruggedness and flexibility to withstand the demands of touring and rental PA rigs. Van Damme cable has been used for decades and has become an industry standard. It is for these reasons that we use the combination of Van Damme cable and Neutrik connectors for our custom cables.

For more information, or any other requests or for a cable format we don’t have listed, please contact us!

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