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Danley BC-412 Subwoofer

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The Danley BC-412 Subwoofer… AKA ‘The Hammer’

The BC-412 utilizes 4 long excursion 12inch drivers in Danleys’ proprietary BC enclosure. The BC or Boundary Coupled subwoofer is a new class of subwoofer, delivering not only high efficiency and power handling but actual directivity. The BC family of subwoofers will stand up to the most demanding of applications. With lots of low end, a low box count and few amp channels, the Danley Sound Labs BC is the box of choice.

Due to the physical size of the BC design’s center exit the boundary exhibits forward directivity which can be increased when used in stacking multiple enclosures.

‘Unique’ is a dangerous word. In the case of Danley’s loudspeakers, it’s true. The result is phase-coherent sound, exactly where you want it.

Built from unique, patented technology, every item in Danley’s product range is designed to deliver smart, sustainable sound.

The Boundary Coupled Subwoofer:

The BC or Boundary Coupled Horn subwoofer is a new class of subwoofer, originally designed for a demanding military project where high output and large rear rejection was required. This new class of subwoofer provides directivity unrivalled even by cardioid subs, and a huge amount of rear rejection for noise-sensitive sites and quieter stages.

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