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Danley DTS-20 Cinema Subwoofer

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The DTS-20 AKA the ‘Tower Of Power’

Solid output down to 16 Hz, single digit distortion and incomparably low group delay put this amazing subwoofer in a class by itself. The DTS-20 is the perfect choice for ultra high-end home theatres, industrial/ military/research facilities, commercial cinemas, mastering facilities, electronic organ reproduction, and commercial surround sound recording/playback. The DTS-20 Tower of Power has removable covers that allow two different options for the location of the acoustical output which will be based on the installation orientation you choose.

Powered and weatherised options available.


Danley Specialty Subwoofers:

The Danley family of specialty subwoofers is a collection of subs designed for the home theater and high- end hi-fi market. They all use Tapped Horn technology, but are distinct from our TH line in that they are not designed to deliver enough bass to fill a stadium, just your living room.

The Tapped Horn Subwoofer™:

The most powerful family of horn loaded subwoofers, the Tapped Horn Subwoofer™ is unlike other horns. It uses the energy radiated from both the front and rear of the driver, and coherently combines them, allowing for greater efficiency, smaller enclosure size, and deeper extension. In short, a single 18” driver has the output of a regular double 18” sub.

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