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Danley Studio Sub Reference Subwoofer

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The Danley Studio Sub efficiently produces bass and pairs perfectly with the Studio 1 monitor speakers

Need to master down to 30 Hz? Add the Studio Sub to your existing system or pair them with the Danley Studio One for a unique and accurate listening experience. These “bookshelf” subwoofers produce a wide range from 28Hz to 356Hz efficiently, only requiring a 800 watt amplifier. This small subwoofer isn’t just another unique design. Danley Labs have implemented a new form of acoustic bandpass which allows the two 8-inch woofers to work best in the frequency range intended. This also significantly reduces coloration from harmonic distortion, resulting in a very pure recreation of the original source.

‘Unique’ is a dangerous word. In the case of Danley’s loudspeakers, it’s true. The result is phase-coherent sound, exactly where you want it.

Built from unique, patented technology, every item in Danley’s product range is designed to deliver smart, sustainable sound.

  • Low distortion.
  • Smooth bass response.
  • Dual 8″ woofers.
  • Produces a wide range efficiently between 26 – 356 Hz.
  • Innovative acoustic bandpass reduced colouration from harmonic distortion.


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