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FBT Classroom Pack 2 (Black)


The Classroom Pack 2 is a complete audio system comprising of 4 quality surface mount speakers, a powered mixer with USB, SD Card, Bluetooth and FM Radio incorporated and a single channel UHF wireless lavalier radio mic.

Expected delivery time is 2 - 4 working days

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The Classroom Pack 2 has everything you need for a complete installation system into a classroom or meeting room.

Designed with simplicity in mind without sacrificing audio quality.

1 x New Hank Powermate:

The NewHank Powermate provides the mixing and power stage with 2 x 100w output at 4 It has Built-In Bluetooth connectivity, FM Radio as well as USB and SD card slots. The front mounted 3.5mm auxiliary input provides easy access for the connection of a laptop.

4 x FBT Project 320:

The quality FBT Project 320 speakers have typical Italian flare, include the mounting bracket for easy fixing and assure exceptional audio quality with a 3.5″ woofer and 0.5″ dome tweeter.

1 x JTS RU 8011DB + RU G3TB + CM-501:

The package is completed with a JTS RU-8011DB + RU G3TB + CM-501 Lavalier wireless system in order to assure that every word of wisdom by the teacher is heard by the students.

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