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FBT Mitus 210MA


Active two-way passive stage monitor.

Featuring 2 x 10” B&C custom neodymium magnet coaxial speaker with 2.5” voice coil and 1.4” exit titanium compression driver with 2.5” voice coil (70° conical dispersion). 600W + 300W RMS – 134dB SPL.
Expected delivery time is 2 - 4 working days

In stock

Processed Active Stage Monitor

600W + 300W RMS – 134dB SPL


The FBT MITUS 210MA bi-amplified speaker feature 0.59″ birch plywood construction; the front shall be protected by a heavy duty metal grille with anti-resonance spacers and exclusive synthetic cloth to protect the drivers and a rugged touring grade scratch resistant black paint finish protects the cabinet exterior.

Utilizing a two way coaxial design incorporating 2x 10″ B&C custom neodymium magnet coaxial speaker with 2.5″ voice coil and 1.4″ exit titanium compression driver with 2.5″ voice coil, a class D built-in amplifiers 600W RMS to the LF and 300W RMS to the HF with switch mode power supply.

The FBT MITUS 210MA provides a DSP with A/D-D/A low noise converters with 8 selectable presets.

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