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FBT Shadow 112HC Indoor/ Outdoor Speakers


High performance 12 coax horn loaded, medium/long throw 600W/8ohm 132dB SPLThis is a very high performance horn loaded system, to provide maximum intelligibility from the same compact enclosure, with the same dimensions of SHADOW 112CT. Extremely powerful system for voice announcements and music reproduction. SHADOW 112HC can act as both a musical entertainment loudspeaker and a voice PA loudspeaker at the same time.

The wide range, smooth frequency response and high efficiency of SHADOW 112HC ensure excellent quality music reproduction and clear intelligible speech with very low distortion. The Shadow 112HC. Ideal in both indoor and outdoor venues because of its IP55 weather resistant rating. We recommend a 600 watt rated amplifier at 8 Ohms for this speaker. 300 W continuous optional 100V transformer is available. 12″ Coaxial driver with Horn loaded 1″ HF. 90 x 60 (HxV) dispersion. Stylish RAL 7011 slate grey colour. A Stainless steel U bracket is supplied.


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The SHADOW 112HC is a weatherproof coaxial two way loudspeaker system offering substantial power and efficiency for a variety of professional indoor or outdoor applications. The low frequency transducer is a 12″ woofer with a 2.5″ voice coil. The high frequency section is a 1″ driver with 1.7″ voice coil on 90°x60° rotatable horn. The SHADOW 112HCT features a line transformer for 70-100V applications.

The cabinet is a single piece rotational moulded in polyethylene, fully UV protected. The cabinet is equipped with a stainless steel U-bracket. The grille is in custom perforated with 3 layers of protection. The SHADOW 112HC meets the requirements of IP55 code (International Protection Rating).

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