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FBT StageMaxx 12MA


The StageMaxX 12 MA is a Processed Active Reinforcement Stage Monitor.

Featuring a 400W + 100W RMS amp module delivering 130dB SPL. inside we have a Coaxial custom FBT 12” B&C speakers with 64mm (2.5”) voice coil with a B&C 25mm (1”) exit throat compression driver and 44mm (1.7”) voice coil, outside we have a sturdy gas-injected polypropylene molded enclosure to avoid undesired resonance. All proudly made in Italy. Black finish.

Expected delivery time is 2 - 4 working days

In stock

Processed Active Reinforcement Monitor

400W + 100W RMS – 130dB SPL

The 4 presets are:
ORIGINAL: is the typical “MaxX” sound adapted to “STAGE” application
HI-CUT / DRUM FILL: provides less mid-high for a comfortable listening in near-field at high level
LO-CUT / DOUBLE: provides less low frequency for better intelligibility and for optimal coupling in stereo configuration
FOH: Front Of House use in suspended or pole-mount installations


MaxX More! The new stage monitor without compromise
FBT’s new StageMaxX 12Ma has been inspired by the need to have a product specifically designed and engineered for use as stage monitor, overcoming all these compromises for a full user satisfaction.
  • Low profile and aesthetic elegance
  • Compact size
  • Frequency response studied for stage monitor applications
  • High headroom before feedback
  • High sound quality
  • Great power and dynamics
  • Symmetric dispersion
  • Aligned LF and HF acoustic centers
  • Easy handling on stage
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene cabinet

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