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HEDD BASS 08 Professional Studio Subwoofer


HEDD 8″ Subwoofer With Lineariser Technology

The HEDD Bass 08 is one of the first HEDD subwoofers to accompany any of the HEDD studio monitors. The Bass 08 excels in precise low frequency reproduction by newly developed drive units, superb high power amplifiers and the use of linear phase FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filtering down to 20Hz.

The Bass 08 offers a satellite output that can influence the output group delay of the units to achieve a complete linear phase operation of the satellite-sub system, if the HEDD MK2 series monitors which have the Lineariser are in place and are turned on.

By applying the switchable group delay at the satellite output, the listener position distances between the subwoofer and satellites can be compensated for in 0.5dB steps within a ± 2m range, together with the HEDD MK2 monitors a full linear phase system can be achieved.

The Bass 08 also features a switchable low pass filter for use with 2 different crossover frequencies including 2 LFE modes and an LF range switch which extends the low end range of the subwoofer to 20Hz, however with a slight loss to the maximum SPL output of the sub.

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CoP Technology (Closed or Ported)

With HEDD’s new design technology the user can decide on their sound, with the choice between a ported enclosure or an infinite baffle. Using specially designed foam plugs the user may fully seal the enclosure for a more accurate sound recreation, or leave the ports for lower bass extension. This in combination with advanced FIR (Finite Impulse Response filtering) creates the ultimate versatile listening experience.

HEDD Lineariser Integration

A feature introduced in the MK2 series and subwoofer models is the HEDD Lineariser, a phase linearization tool which leads to perfect impulse responses and an audibly improved spatial reproduction, giving your mix perfect clarity and spatial depth. This works by introducing an inverse phase impulse response to cancel out errors within the time domain.

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