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JBL Intellivox ADC-V90 Mark II Active Column Loudspeaker

Compact loudspeaker arrays for use in 70V / 100V distributed systems / EN 54-24 Compliant for Life Safety Applications

To improve intelligibility, the Model V90, utilises a preset vertical opening angle with a -4º steering angle to accurately cover the listening plane when mounted flat to a vertical surface. This results in a reduction of incoherent reflections from the mounting surface.

An additional advantage of vertical or even recessed mounting is that the Model V90 becomes architecturally unobtrusive.

This loudspeaker is EN 54-24 Compliant for life safety applications.

The JBL Intellivox ADC (Analogue Directivity Control) Mark II range is intended for use in 70V/100V Public Address and Voice Alarm (PA/VA) systems. As with other Intellivox products the ADC range has been designed to maximise listening comfort and provide highly intelligible speech reproduction even within difficult reverberant spaces.

The revolutionary Digital Directivity Control (DDC) algorithm, pioneered by JBL’s Duran Audio group, was used to define a set of passive filters which has been precisely transferred into the analogue domain resulting in the ADC technology.

The Passive filter network provides time alignment for the individual drivers, equalisation of the complete array and creates a constant wavelength line source.

Each array consists of 6 carefully aligned 4” full range loud- speakers housed inside a tough steel enclosure. The specially aligned drivers are highly efficient and have an extended flat frequency response, providing natural and uncoloured repro- duction of both spoken word and background music.

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