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KV2 ES1.5 Compact Subwoofer

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ES1.5 – Compact Active-Driven Subwoofer

The ES1.5 is a single 15″, extremely compact, high output subwoofer weighing just 30.8 kg (67.9lbs) designed as part of the ES Series speaker system. Used singularly or in multiples of up to three, alongside a single ES1.0 mid high cabinet, the system is powered by the EPAK2500/R Amplifier ensuring fast, easy set up with perfect balance and complete control.

The EPAK2500/R also allows up to two ES1.5’s to be used alongside an ES1.8, where the ES1.5 can either be flown alongside an ES1.0 or ground stacked with the ES1.8.

KV2 ES1.5 – Specifically designed to accompany and compliment the ES1.0 as a true full range compact system

  • Portable PA
  • Fixed Installations
  • Bars and Nightclubs
  • Houses of worship
  • Can be integrated with other ES subwoofers

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