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KV2 ESD Cube Professional Compact Passive Loudspeaker

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ESD Cube – Ultra Compact Passive Speaker

The ESD Cube is a very high quality ultra compact low profile 5” passive loudspeaker utilising a unique trans-coil design for superior vocal reproduction, extended high frequency response, increased dynamic range and the lowest distortion of any comparable speaker in its class. Housed in an aluminium enclosure its compact dimensions make it extremely discreet for peripheral reinforcement in theaters, bars, clubs, churches, museums or Tourist attractions.

Along with our new ESP1000 amplifier a combination of up to 8 ESD Cube units, or 4 Cube units with either one or two ESD1.10 subwoofers can be run. A simple proprietary flying bracket completes the system for a low profile look and easy installation and it’s included with the box.

KV2 ESD Cube – Specifically designed as an ultra compact passive loudspeaker system for reproduction of high quality speech and recorded music.

  • Suitable for fixed installations and portable applications, as a full range speaker, or as a system with accompanying subwoofers
  • Excellent peripheral reinforcement for main KV2 systems
  • Fill-in speaker
  • Compact spot monitoring / playback
  • Ceiling or under balcony mounting

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