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KV2 KT2.15 Professional Subwoofer

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KT2.15 – K-RIG Active-Driven Bass module

The KV2 KT2.15 is a subwoofer designed as a part of K-RIG loudspeaker system. Incorporating quality components specially matched with electronics, the unit is designed for varied applications, with extreme output and quality performance when accompanied by the KT2.0 Mid/Hi module as a system.

Parts of the Ground stack Active Driven System The KT2.15 double 15″ subwoofer is compact, designed as a part of the K-RIG system Active Driven by the KPAK2600 amplifier / controller.


Specifically designed as a subwoofer of K-RIG loudspeaker systems

  • Portable PA
  • Dance clubs
  • Reproduced music

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