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KV2 LD4 – 4 Channel Line Driver Pre-Amp Unit

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4 Channel Line Driver Preamp

The VHD LD4 is a four channel line driver designed to maintain audio signal integrity over long cable lengths. As cable lengths between mixers and amplifiers increase, the length of the cable creates a high capacitance load that many mixers have difficulty in driving. The LD4 eliminates standing waves and signal impurities resulting in the delivery of a high quality audio signal no matter what the cable length.

The VHD LD4 was built as a part of KV2 Audio’s VHD product philosophy focused on delivering very high definition audio. Each channel features an individual transformer based power supply with insulated grounding. Circuitry is designed to provide excellent resolution of signal with very high dynamic content as found in live sound applications.

Specifically designed as part of the VHD system to preserve and maintain signal integrity between mixer and amplifier devices over long distances

  • Live music and performance
  • Fixed installations
  • Can be used with any Audio system for improved results

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