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KV2 SAC2 Super Analog Controller

SAC2 – Super Analog Controller – 2 channel

The ultimate advantage of using the SAC2 anywhere within the signal chain is the immediate improvement in definition, resolution and dynamic range. A musical four-band equaliser, allows for quickly shaping the sound, exactly as required without affecting the overall linear response. The two notch filters per output offer immediate control of dominant room resonances. The fixed crossover filter points of either 70Hz or 120Hz can be independently switched for Hi and Low outputs allowing either a standard 2 X 2 way configuration or an overlap to be created. Alternatively the crossovers can be bypassed allowing simple 2 in 4 out program control. The transparent limiter feature can be used to maintain level without affecting the quality or dynamic performance of the system. A security cover is also available for fixed installations.

KV2 SAC2 – Designed as an active crossover – equalizer – limiter and controller for the ESD range with superior sound quality 

  • Fixed Installations
  • Portable PA
  • Speaker protection and level control
  • Use with any KV2 Audio system as a FOH EQ or with any alternative systems

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