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KV2 VHD3200 Subwoofer Power Amplifier

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Subwoofer Power Amplifier For The VHD Series

Power for the VHD subwoofers is provided by the VHD3200 rack mounted subwoofer amplifier. The unit contains two separate 1600W amplifiers with individual power supplies, signal paths and I/O within a single four rack space chassis. The unit acts as a slave for the VHD2000, which provides audio and control signal, and also functions in the same way for expansion of an ES series system, taking its feed from the external subwoofer output on an EPAK2500R or an ESR/SL3000 amplifier. The 3200 amplifier can also run in bridge mode for maximum bass output driving a single VHD2.21 sub.

  • Two channel 3200W, Control and Amplification System for use specifically with VHD series subwoofers
  • Bridge mode facility
  • Two individual 1600W, high efficiency, current enhancing switching amplifiers with separate Input and output
  • Two individual transformers and power supply circuits for increased reliability and improved power delivery
  • On board amplifier overdrive protection
  • AC soft start circuitry with two individual ON/OFF AC breaker switches providing thorough power protection
  • Comprehensive front-to-back cooling system features chassis sealed pcb’s for improved reliability

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