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Neo Oyaide d+ RCA class B Professional Phono Cable 1m


1m professional RCA cable designed for DJs and recording studios

Neo d+ RCA series is specialized for DJs and designed according to feedbacks of DJs, Artists, and Clubs. By connecting between a DJ mixer and some DJ equipment such as a CDJ or controller with Traktor and Serato, you can get a huge advantage with the sound quality.


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The Neo d+ RCA Class B cable is a highly durable cable, specially designed for DJs and studio usage. At its core is high purity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC), which is a perfect conductor for audio transmission. This core is then shielded in an aluminium mesh tube to protect the inner cable. All this is then sealed in a durable, flexible PVC sheath.  The RCA connectors are plated in 24k gold to help the transmission of audio from the cable to the device.

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