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PO-16 Factory Bundle


Ever wanted to work in a factory without the hard work? Get creative with the PO-16 Factory synthesizer, with 15 synth sounds and a micro drum machine it is perfect for creating music in a unique way. Explore the 16 effects and 16 changeable synth patterns to add creative flair to any sound or pattern. Link multiple Pocket Operators together for a complete musical experience!

Protect what’s yours with the CA-X Pocket Operator case, to prevent any unwanted damage to you prized pocket-sized synthesizer.


Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-16 Factory

Lead synthesiser for keys melodies. sequencer with parameter locks, play styles and punch-in effects.

  • Multiple real synthesiser engines
  • 15 sounds + micro drum
  • 16 punch-in effects
  • 16 punch-in arpeggio and chord play styles
  • 16 pattern chaining

Since the launch in 2015, Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators have had a big impact in the world of electronic instruments. A series of pocket-sized synthesizers and drum machines, representing the bare essentials of what you need to create electronic music. To keep cost down they've even left out the casing, exposing all the components and PCB. Their affordability and simplicity make them so accessible, especially for those venturing into electronic music for the first time and therefore don't want to drop big money on hardware.

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Teenage Engineering CA-X Pro Case Black

Universal Silicone Case in Black.

Add the silicone pro case to protect your pocket operator and get anti-slip feet, neck strap, battery protection and pro feel buttons. Pocket Operator sold separately.



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