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Reloop 80 Record Case Bundle


Protect and organise your vinyl collection this winter with our essential vinyl organiser bundle. One 80 record case plus 5 vinyl dividers.



Glorious Vinyl Divider Black × 5

Record Case / Display Dividers

For a clearly arranged array of record collections. The Vinyl Dividers feature an overlaying rider for labeling and stickers. An essential item for any record store, collection or gig bag.

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80 Record case black by Reloop

The Reloop 80 Record Case with its slanted construction offers a maximum ease of use while digging for records due to the angular sloping design of the two halves. When in divided mode, the records in the front are visible and available, making it easy for you to select what you need. While the rearmost part of the records are well supported and protected compared to a conventional 50/50 division.


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