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Reloop Concorde Cartridge Essentials Bundle


Reloop Concorde cartridge kit, including 2 Concorde cartridges and a professional soft case with foam inlays, to fit all of your DJ essentials.

Reloop Concorde Black × 2

A range of cartridges to suit every need

  • Especially recommended for club and studio environment
  • Special elliptical stylus
  • Superb sound quality with flat frequency response
  • Maximum contact with the record groove
  • Very high output voltage for energetic, powerful sound
  • Easy tonearm installation through direct SME mounting
  • Made by Ortofon

2 in stock

Reloop Cartridge King DJ Accessory Storage Case

The New Storage Case For DJ Accessories And Turntable Cartridges from Reloop

The new storage case for cartridges by Reloop features a rotating foam inlay and holds four cartridges and spare needles. With a modular design to store headshell systems like those by Reloop, Ortofon or Shure.

With an additional mesh pocket with zipper, suitable for storing USB sticks, brushes, cleaning cloths or other accessories. With a scratch resistant outer finish and high-density foam padding. The Cartridge King is the great companion for DJs and vinyl lovers on the road.

1 in stock

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