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Reloop Replacement Stylus for Concorde Black


Professional Turntable Stylus For DJ And Hifi Use

  • All round cartridge system with many applications
  • Special spherical stylus
  • Balanced sound, slight accentuation of the bass range
  • Can also be used for scratching
  • Low vinyl wearout
  • Easy tonearm installation through direct SME mounting
  • Made by Ortofon

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A replacement stylus for the Concorde Black cartridge system.

The Concorde Black cartridge system offers many application possibilities and emphasises its quality as a good all-rounder. Due to the balanced sound and a slight accentuation on the bass range, the system is often used in clubs. Thanks to its special spherical stylus, the vinyl wear is rather low. The cartridge system can also be used for scratching.

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