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Turbosound MAN-FG

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Universal Fly Grid for MANCHESTER MV Line Array Elements and MS215 Subwoofers

The MAN-FG Flybar is designed to safely suspend unique or mixed arrays of MV212/XV line array elements and MS215 subwoofers. Engineered to meet BGV-C1 specifications, the flybar can suspend multiple line array elements or subwoofers in unique arrays guarded by the WLL. The flybar is secured to the uppermost speaker enclosure using the supplied drop links and rigging pins, with additional enclosures attaching in a similar manner below in succession. For suspension of mixed arrays, a second MAN-FG is used to couple MV212 elements to the MS215 subwoofer above.

EASE FOCUS ARRAY CALCULATOR: EASE GLL files are provided for EASE Focus Acoustic Simulation Software, which is available for free download. This allows accurate calculation of both acoustic coverage and suspension pick point selection for tilting and aiming the array at the desired angle. Multiple pick points are provided for shackles up to ¾ ” in size, which can be utilised either in single- or two-point suspension configurations. For ground stacked applications, the flybar can be inverted for securely mounting TLX43 enclosures above the TLX212L subwoofer.

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