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Turbosound NuQ82-SB Swivel Bracket


Swivel Bracket for NuQ82 Loudspeakers

The NuQ82-SB is a matt black, powder coated swivel bracket specifically designed to hang the NuQ82. This is for applications, such as ceiling mounting in bars or clubs, or as an under-balcony fill.

The NuQ82-SB consists of: a swivel bracket and a swivel holder which is inserted into the loudspeaker pole socket along with a plastic handle screw that secures the swivel bracket to the top of the loudspeaker. The enclosure is adjusted for the desired coverage and the included M4 screws are then inserted to maintain that angle.

In stock

The Audioserv installation team has used the NuQ82 brackets for years. This is because of the quality of the product, ease of use and flexibility of sound control.

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