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FBT VENTIS 108A Active Speaker



Ventis 108A is part of the Ventis range which are ideal for portable performance or fixed installation.

This Active speaker includes an 8″ woofer and a 1″ exit 1.4″VC compression driver. The built in DSP LCD screened Amp module is 700W + 200W Delivering 131dB SPL.

Expected delivery time is 2 - 4 working days

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Features a 15mm Baltic birch ply cabinet with 35mm pole mount and a full length grille. optional brackets for installation are available. For the VENTIS range, quality and flexibility are the watchwords. Based on a powerful combination of B&C compression drivers and FBT’s own custom, long excursion woofers, the 115, 112 and 110 models are two-way, bass reflex designs housed in 15mm birch plywood.

A full-grille design backed by specially treated acoustic cloth delivers the characteristic style for which FBT is known, while fully rotatable constant directivity horns ensure accurate coverage. The 108A includes a 200mm (8″) woofer and 50mm (2″) voice coil, driven by 700W + 200W bi-amplification to deliver an impressive 131dB SPL from a supremely portable cabinet.

VENTIS Presets.

The FBT VENTIS range offers powerful DSP with 6 versatile presets. Crafted by expert FBT engineers, the presets offer a performance for every requirement.

ORIGINAL / LIVE The renowned, smooth FBT sound.

VOCAL A special EQ setting to maximise speech intelligibility.

DJ Designed to keep the energy high and your audience dancing.

TOURING The reliability and the roar of the industry’s most popular touring systems.

LOUDNESS The ultimate preset for listening at a medium or low volume.

WARM A special setting to emphasise full-bodied, low-mid frequencies.

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