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VOID Air 8 System

Specified to customer requirements - Get in touch for more information

We have been working with our friends at Void Acoustics here in the UK, to put together some unique packages.

The Air 8 system is perfect for anyone who is serious about music and wants a system that will fit in to the most sumptuous surroundings. The Air 8’s gloss finish, available in any colour for no extra cost, makes this unique system a piece of artwork as much as an amazing audio experience.

Package Includes: 1 x Venu 210i subwoofer, 2 x Air 8, 1 x cable package

The Air 8 contains a co-axial driver configuration for true point source performance, giving accurate and consistent time alignment between the mid and high frequency drivers wherever the listener is.

A Venu 210i subwoofer provides, not only the low end, but also the amplifier power for itself and both of the Air 8 mid highs.

As part of the package, the system includes a Venu 210i subwoofer. The sub contains two 10″ LF drivers and a three channel amplifier. The amplifier powers the sub itself, but also has two outputs to power the Air 8 speakers, which makes a simple, plug and play system where everything is self contained. The amplifier has all settings applied into the built in DSP for this system including crossover filters, FIR filters (for flat phase response) and output limiting, so this system can be pushed hard without ever blowing drivers.

Also included in the package, we make speaker cables to the length you spec and signal cables with the connectors you need for your source equipment.

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