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VOID Airten V3

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Compact high output dual 10” loudspeaker

This small, futuristic-styled composite loudspeaker is particularly favoured for high-end club and bar applications. Enjoy exceptional fidelity, zero resonance and accurately controlled dispersion.


• High impact nightclubs
• Bar, club, lounge
• DJ monitoring

Three key enhancements have been made in this latest V3 model to improve performance. The new crossover provides better frequency linearity, coherence and summation between the drivers. By introducing the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) optimised rear port, with refined aesthetics, noise and distortion are reduced while airflow is increased to reduce power compression. In addition, the diaphragm size within the compression driver has increased from 1” to 1.4”, allowing each driver to operate at its optimal frequency band with more efficiency and more accurate high frequency detail.

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