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VOID Arcline 8

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High efficiency, horn loaded low-mid section

A host of new technologies dramatically improve the perceived sound quality and definition of the Arcline 8, while an advanced rigging system reduces setup time and the need for more than one person to rig multiple enclosures. Delivering a true 110-degree dispersion results in a highly uniform polar pattern, allowing the whole audience to experience uniform sound quality across the entire sound field. The high efficiency, horn loaded low-mid section assists with low-mid projection.


• Indoor and outdoor dance events
• Bar, club, lounge
• Large-scale touring

Traditional high frequency driver spacing and path length compensation among line source enclosures has almost always meant a compromise in high frequency performance, so a new design of high frequency horn was developed for the Arcline 8. Extensive FEA modelling was used both to evaluate and optimise the waveguide. A new phase shading device has also been implemented to allow multiple Arcline 8 enclosures to form a true cylindrical wavefront by splitting two acoustic sources into four, with the acoustic centre positioned optimally for coupling in both the horizontal and vertical planes.

The lightweight 15 mm (5/8”) birch plywood enclosure is finished in a textured ‘TourCoat’ polyurea finish, and features a unique flying system that allows rigging angles to be pre-selected before flying the system. Two Neutrik speakON™ NL4 connectors provide input and link through connections.

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