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VOID Hyperfold

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Hyperfold is a compact folded horn-loaded upper bass loudspeaker with four high power 15” low frequency drivers

The urge to dance predominantly comes from the upper bass frequencies, where the kick and finer details of the bass are found. As a dedicated enclosure responsible for the critical upper bass speed and articulation, the Hyperfold has multiple drivers to keep up with the extraordinary efficiency of all the other elements within the Incubus system.

When arrayed, two Hyperfolds paired in the upper bass region deliver an output far beyond comparable sized enclosures, with very low distortion levels.

Providing levels of control thought impossible and perfect sound quality, the Incubus is the number one choice for club dance systems, owing to its striking physical signature and performance. Hearing the highest quality of unadulterated sound through an Incubus makes it possible to feel as though you are inside music, in a fully immersive aural experience.

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