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VOID Incubus Sub

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Incubus Sub with 21” Transducers In A Hybrid Horn Bandpass Enclosure

Featuring three massive 21” transducers in a hybrid horn bandpass enclosure, the Incubus Sub is ideal for all types of dance music. A combined power handling of 6,000 Watts AES and very high sensitivity result in foundation cracking sub frequencies, all the way down to 29 Hz.

Designed to work with the Hyperfold upper bass enclosure, its lightning-quick impulse response with low group delay and in-your-face style combine for an unforgettable dance experience.

Providing levels of control thought impossible and perfect sound quality, the Incubus is the number one choice for club dance systems, owing to its striking physical signature and performance. Hearing the highest quality of unadulterated sound through an Incubus makes it possible to feel as though you are inside music, in a fully immersive aural experience.

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