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Low Frequency Enclosure With Single High Power 21″ Transducer

This low frequency enclosure expands upon the five resonant chamber theory, as used in the ever-popular Stasys X (a dual 18” low frequency enclosure serving as the backbone of many Void Acoustics installations around the world). Further refining the design principle has led to previously unimagined levels of performance.

The radical styling of the Nexus range takes a new approach to delivering the best fidelity and coverage for club environments. Virtual Arc technology within the mid-top enclosure forms a common acoustic centre at the rear of the array, allowing the same aural experience to be had by all that are in the throw of the Nexus, wherever they are standing.


• High impact nightclub
• VIP room
• Indoor and outdoor dance events
• Bar, club, lounge

Transient response and articulation were the two main design criteria. The use of a large transducer has provided exceptionally high levels of efficiency and an extended low frequency response, but a high moving mass can also lead to degradation in speed and articulation.

Reinforcing materials are woven into the cone for superior strength. A dual-layer coil arrangement has also been deployed to increase both power handling and efficiency, while lowering the total moving mass to that of a transducer with a much smaller shift. Both these measures enable the transient response and delivery required for modern styles of music, yet retain the efficiency and extended low frequency response that only a very large transducer can provide. For lower power handling, the Nexus XL serves as an alternative to the Nexus X and is to be used with the Nexus Q.

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